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All over the world, business is changing.  Flexibility is winning.  Companies that respond, react and adapt are carrying the day.


High Performers


In every field of endeavor, there are the best.  Inside the mind of every high performer is a relentless urge to improve, to innovate, and to prevail.


In today’s environment of global competition, businesses have to focus on their core competences with improved productivity and output, in order to remain the best.  Profit growth is an important measure of success.


We help businesses become flexible and reach their goals to become high performers.




Automation, more effective use of computers and other means of efficiency gains through economies of scale, are necessary to remain competitive.


One very effective method to cut costs is to outsource the non-core parts of the business.


A survey of various sized businesses conducted by JOR and its affiliates in Canada and the United States in 2003 has indicated that outsourcing has allowed:

  • Extraordinary profit growth, pretax profits jumped by 36% in one year

  • Productivity improvement, output was raised without adding staff.  Sales were increased without hiring additional staff

Detailed information about the survey can be made available upon request.


Learning to let go and delegating the non-core parts of business outside, allows the organization to fully utilize its capabilities in which it has deep business know how.  The improved business results through speed, responsiveness and readiness in turn allows the desired growth, without deploying additional resources.


Looking Forward


Outsourcing is firmly on the agenda of a large number of organizations – those that have not already outsourced some parts of their operations and processes, are either in the throes of doing so, or are actively exploring outsourcing as a strategic option for improving cost/income ratios, and thereby market competitiveness.


Customized Process


In reality, the ‘option’ whether to outsource or not, is rapidly becoming one of limited choice.  Organizations are increasingly under pressure to seek benefits realization that can not be wholly delivered through traditional cost reduction alone.


Organizations with far sight, foresight and insight are taking advantage.  The activity is growing fast.


Let us forge the necessary relationships and partnerships for you.  Our specialists will carefully develop the most suitable strategy for you after exploring all of the available options and rationale.  We will examine all the potential losses arising from operational changes due to outsourcing.  We will endeavor to maintain protection through effective risk management processes.


Please complete and return the Outsourcing – Business Review Form to us, which will allow us to commence the analysis of your operation.  We will request additional information from you as required.


Subsequently, a comprehensive report that profiles benefits and the pertinent benefits-measures, about the outsourcing arrangements customized for you shall be presented.  This report shall also inform you of the `go  and/or `no go` decisions for each of the non-core parts of your business.

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