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The New Economy


The economy today is certainly different than it was before because of many different things, such as technology, globalization, emerging requirements that did not exist before, as well as the fact that anybody can be in the market today from anywhere in the world.  It is a different market than it was.  In addition, the speed of connectivity has also certainly changed the market place.


The Challenge: Keeping Pace with Change in the New Economy


During the past decade, we have witnessed rapid and constant change of the nature of professional and business activities in the marketplace.  This transformation has been fueled in large part by the rapid proliferation of new technologies, particularly efficient microelectronics and telecommunications technologies, in all sectors of the economy.  This has resulted in ever-increasing demand for improved performance, cost effectiveness and efficiency from businesses around the world.




People have changed because of changing conditions.


We can see it in customer requirements; customer service demands are now much higher than they have ever been.  Customer expectations are higher because customers see that it is possible for a well-functioning company to serve them better than it could in the past when it did not have the technology behind it.


Human Capital


The human being put the intelligence into the initial programs to advance the technology.  It was not the computer that did it.  The fundamental is that it is always human activity that drives everything.  Machines do not drive anything except in the direction of which people push them.


High Performers


Organizations that manage their human capital with systematic and appropriate evaluation methods are proven to be better long-term performers.


The high performing organizations have a culture that allows an environment of learning, sharing and active communication, connecting as human beings, giving space to people to think and rewarding them for their performance.


The Future


People through knowledge are clearly the critical factors of the future.  It is not land, capital and equipment any longer.  It is people and knowledge/information that is the driver.  If the right people are in place, they will pick the right kind of hard assets that are needed for success.


Enabling People to Improve Performance


People are your most valuable resource.  Your ability to manage your human resources is pivotal to your organization’s success.


In today’s knowledge-driven world of competition where constant knowledge development and life-long learning are a norm, advanced level of achievement by your staff is necessary.  This is the only sure path to success for any business in our merit-based environment.  The guarantee of future success in any field of endeavor very much depends on the ability to deliver quality output and consistently maintain the right level of productivity.  To this end JOR offers the Professional Performance ProgramJOR remains unsurpassed in its ability to provide the solutions that maximize employee effectiveness.  JOR’s service portfolio includes all occupations and industrial classifications.


Performance & Potential


In order to improve the performance and productivity of your staff, understanding and utilization of their full potential is necessary.  JOR will make this happen through the Professional Performance Program for each of your staff members.


Total Capabilities


The Professional Development Process within the program will identify the full potential for each staff member enrolled in the program for effective utilization.  The full potential is identified in two streams:

  • Standard Capabilities include the generally accepted and recognized capabilities such as qualifications/education, acquired skills/abilities and work experience from around the world

  •  Ultimate Capabilities are composed of hidden potential, inner strength and personal qualities

The standard capabilities in conjunction with the ultimate capabilities make up the total capabilities or full potential.  The standard capabilities are twenty-five percent and the ultimate capabilities are the rest of the seventy-five percent.


JOR is fully convinced that in all successful outcomes, individuals are found to have drawn more from their ultimate capabilities than from their standard capabilities.  Numerous studies have been conducted over the past several years under JOR’s auspices to determine the requisites for permanent business success in the global marketplace.  Education, acquired skills/abilities and experience make up only 25% of requisites and are not sufficient to guarantee success.  JOR has evidenced the fact that the other 75% of requisites for success are comprised of one’s hidden potential, inner strength and personal qualities.  JOR has also found that these 75% of the requisites for success remain untapped and under-utilized by most people.


Performance Measurement & Management


It is vital that all the capabilities are determined and measured.  JOR will ensure that the full potential is well managed.  The PCT Professional Recognition Program will attest and provide the necessary confirmation for all the ultimate capabilities identified.


This way all the different components that make up the total capabilities are effectively utilized, which has been found to be mutually beneficial.


JOR’s Standards of Satisfactory Employment


To this day satisfactory employment remains inconsistently defined around the world. JOR’s professional definition of satisfactory employment is a job that makes full use of one’s full potential.  Full potential or total capabilities include both standard capabilities and ultimate capabilities.


The Professional Development Process within the Professional Performance Program minutely analyzes each component of the total capabilities.  This leads to maximize the utilization of one’s total capabilities for the benefit of the business.


JOR’s Standards of Satisfactory Employment are attained in a three-step process

  • satisfying and fulfilling activities

  • recognition and progression at work

  • on-the-job financial rewards

Effective Utilization of Human Capital


People policies are increasingly taking center stage in the economy today because they contribute directly and indirectly to organizations’ ability to achieve its over all goals.  They can affect organizations’ value in many different ways.


Businesses with good people policies sustain superior performance – they integrate people policies within their business strategy.


It is extremely important for any organization to ensure that all their personnel remain constantly satisfied.  Their perceptions, attitudes and behaviors can significantly influence the organizations’ performance.  The yardstick to measure the level of satisfaction is an on-going challenge.  JOR has successfully identified a very practical methodology which is proven to provide definitive results.


The process engages the imagination and passions of the employees so that their motivation comes from within.  We will understand who your employees really are – what their interests and skillets are – and then match them up with work that will challenge them.


Recognition and Rewards


The three-step process is facilitated in the Professional Performance Program under JOR’s Standards of Satisfactory Employment as referenced above.  The program allows the identification of suitable duties and responsibilities with necessary revisions to the pertinent job descriptions for the participating staff members.  The resulting satisfaction and fulfillment will allow them to perform at their best.  Consistent improved performance by them will then impact the business output positively allowing appropriate recognition.  In turn the staff members shall justifiably receive financial and other deserving rewards.




It is important for your staff to be secured and have a worthwhile career.  Over time the Professional Performance Program will allow your staff to enjoy:

  • continuous career growth

  • job security

  • stability, consistent lifestyle, predictable future

Assessment Results Report


This extensive computer-generated report is presented to you after the completion of the Assessment Process and the Occupational & Business Verification Process for each of your participating staff members.


In order to establish attainable goals for their continuous long-term success, appropriate planning is extremely important.


We will collect the necessary information from you.  This information is analyzed and processed by JOR, which is then presented in the Assessment Results Report.  The report is the pivotal point in the entire process and its presentation marks a new beginning.  It will become the road map to success for the participating staff and the business operations.


Professional Market Orientation


Personalized guidance and directions are provided in the Assessment Results Reports for each participant. Professional Market Orientation involves thorough and complete preparation, which may take approximately eighty hours of the participants’ time.  The preparation can be handled after work hours over a period of time.  All the input is not required at the same time.  This preparation does not entail training. It is absolutely customized, based on each participant’s total capabilities as identified through the assessment and the occupational and business verification processes.  Professional Market Orientation may include business and other visitations, specialized reading, review of audio/visual material and presentation of written reports.


This logical approach allows the participants to remain updated about their lines of businesses and/or professions on a continuing basis.  This is very important in today’s rapidly changing environment, becoming outdated means losing markets.


The impact of the Professional Market Orientation is immediate and the continuing updating leads to permanent success for the participants within their endeavors.  Unfortunately there are no short cuts to permanent success. Access to relevant and accurate information on an on-going basis has been proven to be one of the most important prerequisites to success.  JOR will lay the path for your staff to obtain it through the Professional Market Orientation.


Partnering for Success


Our portfolio includes all occupations within all the industrial classifications.  Please complete the Professional Performance Program – Questionnaire, and return it to us to commence the process to identify the staff members to be included in the program.  Their full participation and support will be necessary.


We will get involved and do what it takes to make things happen – we will work with you to understand your business in order to achieve the desired results.


A thorough review of your human resources will be conducted and subsequently we will present an action plan for results–driven implementation.

Committed to Total Quality in Human Resource Development
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