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At JOR, we see things a little differently.  We believe knowledge without insight does not go far.  Insight transforms expertise into astute strategies.  This leads to much larger view and a far broader perspective with meaningful action.  This kind of tenacity is what sets us apart.  Year after year, for over seventy five years we have been meeting our clientsí toughest demands.  Itís dedication all the way.  Itís unrivaled commitment to service.  And as far as weíre concerned, we donít see any reason to stop now.




We have developed strategic go-to-market programs to establish alliances, to address growth opportunities in the global market place.  JOR offers a broad portfolio of integrated professional and business solutions to the market.  By joining forces, our partners are better able to utilize their capabilities in delivering enhanced service offerings to the growing global market.


Why Partnership?


Bringing the right ingredients together, in the right way, is a mark of successful partnership.  At JOR we believe that a partnership approach is vital in creating the right environment for growth.  We work closely with our clients to develop optimal answers to their strategic questions, leveraging proven strengths across all our products, services and markets.  Natural synergy for better results.


We have the expertise.  We have the products.  And more than that, we have the partners and the mindset to deliver distinctive solutions.


Joining JOR


Team up with JOR.  This is the right time if you are ambitious and you do want to grow.  The Global Partnership Program is designed to offer a vast array of comprehensive services to our partners.  Some of the services include technical support, education, market identification, marketing campaigns, sales tools and more to help you grow your business and drive profits.


JORís services result in a very wide range of benefits including extensive selling, marketing, training and access to technical resources.


And now, the Global Partnership Program is better than ever.  It is an enabling program specifically designed for JORís partners.  JOR is committed to your success and through the Global Partnership Program, will deliver the benefits that help you grow, expand your market reach, improve your earnings, and maintain a long term relationship with JOR.


The benefits of the Global Partnership Program are aligned to three industry Ė recognized business models. Choose the model that is suitable for you and most closely meets your requirements:


  • JOR Associates with talent in management, business and other technical skills take up key positions at ventures within JORís Networks around the world.  No capital investment by the associates is normally required
  • Business Partners operate and manage independent operations
  • Agents and Contractors represent JOR in the various geographic areas globally


New opportunities become available within a wide range of industries all the time.  Please direct all your enquiries to:


Sab Banji, Senior Consultant

JOR Management Consultants

36 Toronto Street, Suite 850

Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5C 2C5


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Tel (416) 694-9756 Fax (416) 694-0677 E-mail sbanji@jormanagement.com


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