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Accredited internationally, PCT brings over fifteen years of experience.  Emphasizing creativity, productivity and innovation, we deliver quality programs to those who work in the commercial, institutional, governmental or international areas using state-of-the-art equipment.  In addition we provide timely solutions and on going help-desk support.  Our six months, no cost on-line support will bring the necessary expertise.


We provide you a choice of program delivery methods, in-chamber at our facilities or on-line in real time at your work site thereby utilizing our E-learning capabilities.  We will avoid any conflict with your schedule.


Our programs are hands-on, consultant-led and limited to four participants per session – in-chamber or on-line.  This means personalized attention.


Our specialists will monitor successful completion and make sure the programs will work for you.  We will understand your requirements specific to your environment and create solutions that satisfy your unique needs.  Just tell us your requirements and we will suggest, as well as implement the most appropriate solutions for you.  The solutions we define may use a combination of several options that suit your needs.


A wide choice of programs to enhance your organization’s computer and information technology performance are available within the following categories:


  • Operating Environments & Tools
  • Integrated Applications & Office Suites

  • Communications, Scheduling, Project Management

  • Spreadsheets

  • Accounting

  • Word Processing

  • Database Management

  • Desktop Publishing

  • Graphics & Presentations

  • Web Design & Layout

  • Internet Applications

  • Technical Solutions


Listings of all the available programs can be accessed separately.  Detailed Solutions Outlines for each of the PCT Solution Programs of interest to you shall be provided upon request. For registration purposes, the PCT Solution Programs - Enrolment Form is required to be completed for each of the participants.

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