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E-learning is coming of age.  Distance education through the internet has been growing exponentially since 2001 at colleges and universities worldwide – over 200% increase in registrations in the last three years.


Never has lifelong learning been so important.  In our changing global economy, nothing is static; the need to update one’s skills and education is necessary to survive the fluctuations and upheavals of the market place.  Online education is certainly an attractive option.  It offers flexible hours and convenience, with no geographical barriers to limit choices in courses or institutions.


Developing People for Business Performance


Studies have shown that workers who receive regular training from their employers are more productive and develop a stronger sense of company loyalty.  Employees who receive training have higher moral and tend to stay with an organization.  Employee training has historically remained a key part of the business strategy at most successful organizations.  They invest and show their employees that they care enough about them to help them grow.  This has a direct impact on the bottom line.  There is a link between satisfied employees and satisfied customers, which is a very powerful consideration.


E-learning is taking off as a professional development tool in the business sector as well.  E-learning technology now offers a compelling business proposition to organizations.  It provides just-in-time training to a wide range of employees, customers and others in different geographical locations.


The learning programs are presented in an interactive multimedia format in real or non-real time those appeals to all types of participants.  It can also let them learn at their own pace, repeating the material as often as needed.  The programs allow online administration of tests.  Test scores are recorded and the progress of the participants is monitored.


One of the major technological breakthroughs that make E-learning an attractive proposition today is the development of instant messaging and other web based tools that let participants and the program deliverers to communicate and collaborate in real-time over high speed networks.  It is making the process completely personal and interactive.  It is a complete victory over the distances involved.


Best in E-learning


We bring leadership in E-learning applications, systems and global delivery with world-class technology, products and dependable service.  JOR offers quality, experience and innovation in knowledge delivery with training solutions for any purpose.

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