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As we move towards a completely and truly free exchange of goods and services around the world, newer opportunities are becoming available everyday.  Barriers are being removed and freer liberalized trade and services is becoming the norm.  With technological advances and rapid communications, we now find that tremendous potential for continuous growth is evident everywhere, resulting in an ever-expanding environment of competition.  This has increased the demand on entrepreneurs and managers to correspondingly improve their performance in order to maintain continued success in their businesses and avoid the risk of losing to the competition. The fittest and the best are expanding their borderless markets around the world.  E-commerce is making the global market place truly borderless.


Success breeds Success


We have always been judged by our clientsí success.  Our extensive resources and capacity allows handling of almost all types of industries and businesses globally.  Besides new business start-ups, the rehabilitation and expansion of existing businesses are also considered.  In certain turn-around situations, business mergers, divestitures or business closings become necessary.  Professional analysis and identification of the principalsí full potential under the JOR Business Program allows systematic and successful establishment of new ventures and/or expansion of existing businesses.  Please refer to the listings under the JOR Industrial Classifications and identify the industries and businesses of interest to you.


Investment and Financing


JORís role extends beyond joint ventures, financing and related services: its capability to raise investor confidence in the projects is of immense importance.  The business community invaluably benefit from JORís expertise to exercise its influence in this manner.


No wealth has accumulated overnight.  Our risk-controlled approach strategically combines various investment portfolios.  This allows building a customized asset mix with fair returns, tailored to the objectives of the individual investors.


Highlights of JORís Financial Services


  • Financing packages are put together to meet any specific requirements Ė for short, medium or long term at the best rates

  • Equity participation and investment funding is made available

  • Joint Venture Partnerships are established


All monetary sources and capital markets worldwide are utilized in order to ensure the competitiveness and viability of the ventures and projects.

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