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Professional Development Process - Management Capacity


The Professional Development Process includes two processes: the Assessment Process and the Occupational & Business Verification Process.


The Professional Development Process for the participants in the JOR Business Program will include the identification of the following very important characteristics that are proven to be necessary for successful business operations:

  1. capacity for original thinking and critical evaluation

  2. analytical ability

  3. ability to synthesize

  4. capabilities to effectively use concepts of analysis and available tools

  5. assess and practice effective management in different contexts

  6. ability to develop tools and concepts for management

  7. intellectual capacity

  8. ability to establish and maintain seriousness of purpose

  9. leadership potential

  10. willingness to assume managerial responsibilities

This way the availability of the skills needed for effective management will be systematically determined.  The process will also measure the management capacity of the participants.


Effective Utilization of Management Capacity

JORís up-to-date knowledge of the economic activities around the world through the JOR Information Base and JORís expertise to determine the necessary management capabilities required within the available opportunities enables JOR to accurately apply the management capacity to maximize the benefits to the participants.


The assessment of the management capacity through the Professional Development Process facilitates.

  • selection of the most suitable enterprises and activities for on-going success 

  • significant improvement in performance that leads to increased overall efficiency, profits and return on investment of the businesses

  • continuous expansion of the participantsí vision and their spheres of activities

  • considerable reduction in the risk for the business to fail

  • confidence of the potential partners, financiers and investors to participate in the ventures



The success of a business in any part of the world today very much depends upon effective management and recruitment policies, whatever the size of the organization.  JOR will review and carefully define your human resources policies.  Each position shall be analyzed and the pertinent job descriptions and specifications documented.  JORís expertise in human resources development shall not be surpassed.  Please refer to the listings under the JOR Professional Categories for the various categories of staffing. Please advise us if any of your personnel requirements are not shown there.


The JOR Corporate Services offer the Professional Performance Program for immediate improvement in the utilization of the human capital.


Professional Recognition of Capabilities for Acceptance Worldwide


The participantsí total capabilities are identified through the Professional Development Process.


The ultimate capabilities include hidden potential, inner strength and personal qualities.  These are manifested through business operations and management, and through other hands-on experiences.  Such capabilities are seldom documented by conventional means, although they are very important for business. These capabilities are determined and measured by JOR.  PCT Professional Recognition Program allows appropriate documentation and recognition internationally.


The standard capabilities include the generally accepted and recognized capabilities such as education, acquired skills/abilities and average experiences.


Your standard capabilities combined with your ultimate capabilities make up your total capabilities.


This way JOR will ensure your total capabilities become universally accepted for various business opportunities.  Some areas where your total capabilities may come under scrutiny include financing, loan applications, credibility assessment, bidding for projects and sales contracts, proposals for partnerships and joint ventures, undertaking of contracts and agreements, licensing, governmental approvals other official and legal matters in your local markets and internationally.


JORís Role in Investment and Financing


The idea for JOR to introduce services related to investment, financing, lending and joint ventures was born with the realization that JOR was able to stimulate many individuals through the identification of appropriate talent in them for business.  JORís catalytic role was further simplified through its ability to access investment capital through its subsidiaries in the United States.


The overall objective of JOR in areas of investment and financing is to ensure that the participants in the JOR Business Program Ė professionals and entrepreneurs, who might be inexperienced and unfamiliar in dealing with the financial community in raising the needed capital for business ventures.  In this way JOR is a bridge with the capital markets to find and utilize sources of capital competitively at the best possible terms and conditions.


JOR Assessment Results Report


In approximately two weeks after the return of the duly completed fifteen-page JOR Specialized Assessment Service Form, the JOR Professional Development Process will be completed.


All the necessary data collected through the various sources is processed by JORís fully integrated computerized systems - the Professional Development System and the Information System.


The computer-generated JOR Assessment Results Report will be presented to the principal before the second meeting.  This customized report is going to be the master plan leading to successful fulfillment of the proposed project. The plan, which is time Ė sensitive, will ensure completion of each of the phases of the project in a timely manner.  In our fast-moving world today, information becomes out-dated very quickly and so do projects.  Opportunities must be captured and utilized at the right time.


The JOR Assessment Results Report is the blueprint to assured success. Detailed information about the following matters will be contained in this report:


1. Profile 


The quality of human capital does certainly make a difference in a business operation.  The effective driving intelligence results in a well-functioning company.  The fundamental principle is that it is always the human activity that drives everything. Technology or machines do not drive anything except in the direction to where people push them.


The personal profile will document the total capabilities of the principal as determined by JOR, which will include:

  1. education

  2. acquired skills and abilities

  3. experience

  4. hidden potential

  5. inner strength

  6. personal qualities

The total capabilities will be reported in tangible terms for complete understanding and one-hundred-percent market acceptance worldwide.


2. Credit Worthiness


The financial information of the principal is carefully analyzed as part of the various processes undertaken by JOR. Credit worthiness is not solely a product of financial information.  Many other factors are also considered to establish credit worthiness.  Credit worthiness determined and reported by JOR is very important information. It allows promoting the project to the potential partners, financiers and/or investors.


3. Project 


The suitability and viability factors are discussed. Recommendations are made for any changes from the original plans wherever they are found to be necessary.  Changes in plans can become advantageous in many ways, such as:

  • Reduction  or elimination of risks

  • Cost-effective expansion of the project

  • Transparent view of the potential success of the project

  • Maximize the return on investment

  • Improvement in the confidence level of the potential partners, financiers and/or investors in the project

In situations where the project entails involvement with existing ventures, all areas of such businesses shall be examined by JOR. Recommendations may also include:

  • Effective advertising, promotional and other market penetration undertakings

  • Constructive and manageable plan to turn-around the business through phased improvement within the various departments of the business

  • Expansion through investment in other business acquisitions

  • Plan to divest from the existing businesses and consider available alternatives

4. Alternates


In cases where the original project has not been found to be suitable and/or viable, alternative project is proposed subject to acceptance by the principal.  There are many reasons for a project to be unsuitable or nonviable.  Some common reasons include:

  • Insufficient capital available for investment by the principal

  • Diminishing markets and increased costs projected

  • Lack of confidence of the capital markets in the project, as determined in advance.

The alternative project proposed by JOR will take into account all the factors uncovered through the Professional Development Process.


5. Professional Market Orientation


Wherever required the necessary preparation is outlined.  Professional preparation has been found to be very beneficial.  Such preparation may encompass a very wide range of information and/or visitations.


JOR will ensure convenient access to this information.  In situations where the information is classified, JOR may provide special instructions to access such information or JOR may obtain the information first and then transmit the same.


Any visitations recommended shall be within the proximity of the proposed project. In certain cases expenses incurred for such visits may be partially or fully subsidized.


6.  6. Authorization


The various requirements for inspections, testing, analysis, investigations and/or the required disclosure of information are reported.


JOR will ascertain that all the terms and conditions are met to obtain the necessary licenses, permits and other approvals in a timely manner.


7.  7. Documentation


In all business ventures success very much depends upon planning, which requires quality information.  All the sources and methods of obtaining such information will be identified and listed by JOR.


Directions to conduct the necessary research, surveys and feasibility studies are presented. Preparation of the formal business plan with the projected financial information is also provided.   


All essential documentation shall be thoroughly discussed and explained. Detailed guidelines to prepare the documentation are submitted.


JOR will ensure that each of the reports being presented on behalf of the principals, are meeting the conditions of the pertinent recipients.  The array of recipients of such customized reports may also include statutory authorities, suppliers, customers, partners, investors, financiers and lenders.  Highest level of accuracy and professionalism will be maintained in all submissions.


8.  8. Capitalization


JOR will line up the various available sources for funds.  All the different options shall be analyzed.  The terms and conditions of each of the options are carefully considered.  The most suitable arrangement will be recommended for implementation.




1. Information


The interested party is requested to thoroughly understand the services offered by JOR by accessing up-to-date information about us at our web site www.jormanagement.com


2. JOR Information Portfolio


The JOR Information Portfolio is post mailed or presented in person. This provides hardcopies of the information contained in JORís web site.


3. Proposal Form


Please return the duly completed form to commence the process.  Each proposal is carefully studied by JOR and acknowledged.  All matters will be comprehensively responded.  JORís services custom tailored to meet your specific requirements will be offered


4. Contract


JOR will present the contract information for review and acceptance


5. Information Meeting 


JOR will arrange a personal meeting with the principal. The agenda of the meeting   would include 

  • Completion of the  six-page JOR Personal Information Form by the JOR staff

  • Discuss the proposal and obtain the additional information as found necessary

  • The contract between JOR and the principal will be finalized

  • Provide the fifteen-page JOR Specialized Assessment Form for the completion by the principal

6. Report


In approximately two weeks the JOR Assessment Results Report will be presented to the principal after the completion of the Professional Development Process


7. Assessment Meeting


JOR will hold a meeting after the principal has reviewed the JOR Assessment Results Report at which time the following is handled:

  • Thoroughly discuss the report and attend to all the queries the incumbents may have

  • Establish a firm time-table for

  1. completion of the necessary surveys, research, feasibility studies, business

    plans, forms, applications and other tasks

  2. obtaining the necessary funding and/or related approvals

  3. commencement of the venture

8. Permanent JOR Services


Continuous relationship is maintained between JOR and the principal. Directions are provided to ensure on-going success and growth of the venture.

Committed to Total Quality in Human Resource Development
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