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Total Capabilities


The JOR Professional Development Process will identify your full potential for effective utilization within your entire professional market. Your full potential is identified in two streams:

  • Standard Capabilities include the generally accepted and recognized capabilities such as qualifications/education, acquired skills/abilities and work experience from around the world

  • Ultimate Capabilities are composed of hidden potential, inner strength and personal qualities

Your standard capabilities in conjunction with your ultimate capabilities make up your total capabilities or full potential. The standard capabilities are twenty-five percent and the ultimate capabilities are the rest of the seventy-five percent of your total capabilities.


Performance Measurement & Management


It is vital that all your capabilities are determined and measured. JOR will ensure that your full potential is well managed. The PCT Professional Recognition Program will provide the necessary professional recognition for all your ultimate capabilities that may be lacking the conventional documentation and recognition.


This way all the different components that make up your total capabilities are effectively marketed and utilized. This process has been found to be mutually beneficial.


Entire Professional Market


Your entire professional market has two linked components:


  • professional functions and positions that are compatible to you

  • groups of employers and/or industries that have been found to be suitable for you, who have the compatible professional functions and positions available


Entry Points


Three segments make up your entire professional market, and each of the segments has its own entry point.

  • 85% Hidden Professional Market is accessed through the JOR Networks - Online Access
    Online access to current Professional Opportunities
      Online selection of organizations for the Narrow-targeted Professional Networking through the  Extensive Employers Network

  • 10% Advertised Positions are identified from the media recommended by JOR

  • 5% Personal Contact Opportunities are uncovered through Personal Networking

The JOR Professional Performance Program systematically targets all the three segments and entry points to effectively reach your entire professional market.


JORís Standards of Satisfactory Employment


To this day satisfactory employment remains inconsistently defined around the world. JORís professional definition of satisfactory employment is a job that makes full use of your full potential. Your full potential or your total capabilities include both standard capabilities and ultimate capabilities.


The professional development process within the JOR Professional Performance Program minutely analyzes each component of your total capabilities. This leads to maximize the utilization of your total capabilities within your entire professional market that JOR will identify for you, which becomes your long-term career path.


JORís Standards of Satisfactory Employment are attained in a three-step process

  • satisfying and fulfilling activities

  • recognition and progression at work

  • on-the-job financial rewards

This three-step process is facilitated in the JOR Professional Performance Program.  Your entire professional market and your long-term career path will lead to satisfying and fulfilling activities that will allow you to perform at your best. Continuous well-accepted performance by you will then create an environment where you will be recognized and be able to easily progress to new heights. Subsequently this will result in financial and other deserving rewards.


JOR Assessment Results Report


This computer generated report is presented to you after the JOR Professional Development Process is completed for you. The JOR Assessment Results Report will be your personalized guide to success. It will provide you a very practical approach to total solution for your career. Following are some highlights of the information included in this report.

  • Identification of your own entire professional market. The functions/positions within the groups of employers documented in the report will be available for you to take within a maximum of twelve months, each with a long-term growth potential. Please refer to the JOR Industrial Classifications and the JOR Professional Categories for listings

  • Processing of your qualifications/education to ensure one hundred percent Canadian market acceptance

  • Long-term career path is established that will commence immediately

  • Directions are provided for your to undergo the Professional Market Orientation.  This will set the stage to continuously acquire the necessary knowledge to fuel on-going career growth

  • Participation in the JOR Networks

JOR Solutions Package


Upon completion of the Professional Market Orientation process, you will be presented with the JOR Solutions Package, which will include the following documents and/or information.

  • Directions to undertake the JOR  Market Penetration Program and/or the JOR Performance Enhancement Program

  • Directions to prepare your professional resume and/or the JOR Performance Improvement Profile and related documentation

JOR Market Penetration Program


JORís proven methodology that is undertaken to enter the market through the JOR Professional Performance Program provides definitive results. The JOR Fast-Track Program initially targets satisfactory employment in four to six weeks. Failing this, the JOR Standard-Track Program guarantees satisfactory employment within a maximum period of twelve months.


JORís Specialization


JOR specializes in permanent employment leading to career positions. We do not handle temporary, contract, part-time, piece-meal or commission-based employment. Our portfolio includes all occupations at senior levels within all classifications of employers and industries.


Partnering for Success


The standards and methodologies that guide the JOR Professional Performance Program require your full participation. Your commitment is vital.  JOR will remain your life-long partner to ensure your desired success.


Rewards and Security


It is very easy to be underpaid, which has to be avoided. JOR will advise you of your annual earning potential at the time of presenting your JOR Assessment Results Report. Over time the JOR Professional Performance Program will deliver total solutions for your career.

  • continuous career growth

  • job security

  • stability, consistent lifestyle, predictable future



JOR remains unsurpassed in its ability to provide total solutions for careers with on-going progression into higher-ranking positions. Approximately fifty-five percent of applicants are accepted to participate in the JOR Professional Performance Program with guaranteed satisfactory employment in twelve months. Following are their initial results

  • Ninety percent of the participants are employed in four to six weeks under the JOR Fast-Track Program. Another eight percent are employed in a maximum period of twelve weeks through the JOR Standard-Track Program. They all become employed within the parameters of JORís Standards of Satisfactory Employment. Career consolidation may take up to twelve months.

  • Annual earnings are improved by approximately thirty-three percent in the first year



1. Information


  The candidates are requested to visit our web site at www.jormanagement.com and review the information about the human resources services available through the JOR Professional Performance Program.


2. Resume Review


Those interested are requested to submit their resumes by e-mail to profiles@jormanagement.com or by fax to (416) 360-3838. JOR will complete the review process within a reasonable period of time.


3. First Meeting


The first personal introductory meeting is scheduled after we have carefully reviewed the resume. This meeting usually lasts two hours at which time we would accomplish two objectives as follows; the first meeting is sometimes handled in two sessions

  • Completion of the six-page JOR Personal Information Form that will allow us to conclude the JOR Preliminary Evaluation Process. This process will also use the information from your resume. The resume is retained by us on our system

  • Provide you complete information about JOR through the JOR Information Portfolio. In some cases this portfolio shall be post mailed to the incumbents in advance. Besides information about the JOR Professional Performance Program, the JOR Information Portfolio will also contain the necessary forms for your completion at home. The JOR Personal Overview presentation, wherever applicable, will follow. Thereafter we shall respond to all your queries

4. Second Meeting


At this half-hour meeting, three matters are handled

  • The duly completed forms are received and your registration with JOR is accepted

  • The fifteen-page JOR Specialized Assessment Service Form is issued to you for your completion at home and return to us in about half-a-week

  • The JOR Weekly Activities & Status Report form if applicable is issued to you. This blank form has to be photocopied for weekly completion by you and returned to us. This way we are able to stay in regular contact with you and remain updated in a timely manner

5. Third Meeting


The JOR Assessment Results Report is presented to you. Information contained in this personalized report shall be thoroughly explained to you. In-put by you after your initial participation in Professional Market Orientation process is also discussed.


6. Fourth Meeting


This meeting is held upon analyzing your in-put that is received from you after the third meeting. At this meeting you are presented with the JOR Solutions Package and the JOR Market Penetration Program is initialized. Additional meetings are held with you, as they become necessary.


7. Post-Placement Meeting


This meeting is held with you after a new position has been secured.  All matters related to the new job are discussed.


8. Life-Long Services


JOR will partner with you to monitor and maintain your career growth. You will be able to activate the JOR Extensive Employers Network when you need this service at different intervals during your career-life


JOR's Projected Employment Growth

All Occupations


2001 - 2010


Please refer to the separate listings of the JOR Professional Categories for the breakdown of each of the nine categories projected below.


JOR Professional Categories Percentage


Senior Management, Middle and Other Management                       




Semi-Professionals and Skilled Personnel Ė Technical                                         


Semi-Professionals and Skilled Personnel Ė Non-Technical             


Skilled Personnel Ė Technical Trades                                                    


Skilled Personnel Ė Non-Technical Services                                         


Semi-Skilled Personnel Ė Technical                                                        


Semi-Skilled Personnel Ė Non-Technical Services                             


Unskilled Personnel Ė On-the-Job Training                                         

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