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With shrinking global boundaries, ever-changing market demands, high customer expectations and an often volatile economic climate, businesses face daunting challenges and intense scrutiny.  There is constant pressure for cost reduction and productivity improvement.


Human Capital – Key to Financial Success


The critical key to financial success is effective utilization of human capital.  Without human capital, nothing can happen in organizations.  Harnessing human capital is an important factor in organizational productivity and can vastly improve both business performance and value.


PCT Skillset Center, our subsidiary based in Virginia, United States recently completed three behavioral study projects commissioned by us.  PCT specializes in educational systems around the world. The studies were done over a two-year period between June 2000 and May 2002.


They involved very diverse groups of people between 18 and 68 years of age.  Some of the findings about entrepreneurs and professionals in different fields have been significantly important to JOR to support its activities in the areas of the Professional Development Process.


The results of the many case studies undertaken by PCT did identify a number of characteristics that have aided JOR to improve its services in areas of human resources development:


  • There is a direct relationship between the ability to utilize potential and achieve success

  • In a very large number of cases, individuals lacked knowledge about their full potential or their total capabilities

  • Majorities of the successful individuals were found to be depending heavily on their hidden potential, inner strength and personal qualities for their success

  • Just the qualifications/education, acquired skills/abilities and work experience cannot serve as an effective yardstick to measure full potential


The findings outlined have fully convinced JOR that the most important resource in any endeavor is human.  There is a significant relationship between job satisfaction and strong financial results – those who feel connected, competent and confident in their work, perform better.


The Professional Performance Program nurtures individual’s total capabilities that include emotional intelligence as well.  Emotional intelligence is the most powerful tool for success and is as important as being technically skilled.  It leads to better team building, fostering of innovations, improved performance and developmental activities.  This in turn leads to the building of exclusive expertise and intellectual capital, the lifeblood of a successful individual or a successful organization.


Business and Organizational Improvement


In today’s competitive environment of globalization, cost-effectiveness remains an on-going challenge. JOR’s human resource developmental services can positively impact the performance of your employees resulting in:

  • High morale

  • On-going motivation

  • Reduced turnover

  • Improved efficiency

  • Lower payroll costs

Solutions and Improved Results


JOR brings services in four areas which will systematically double the productivity of your organization and reduce the payroll costs by fifty percent in less than one year:

  • Training Solutions – training of regular staff, and at times clients, is an integral part of a successful business operation today.  We will develop customized programs for in-house delivery to meet all your needs

  • Professional Performance Program – systematically doubles the productivity of an organization in less than one year.  The total capabilities of the personnel are uncovered and utilized

  • PCT Solution Programs – one and two day programs will improve the IT and computer performance of the personnel.  The programs are offered in-chamber at our facilities or can be delivered to your staff at their places of work, on-line in real time

  • Outsourcing – we will take care of the non-core strategic functions of your business operations, resulting in an average savings of over fifty percent.  Most importantly this will allow you to focus on your core competences

We understand that every business has unique needs and distinct challenges to overcome.


The top performing, productive and competitive enterprises have one thing in common – they all have single minded focus to create measurable results by being keenly aware of their own strength as businesses and through appropriate deployment of human capital.


Let us analyze your needs and offer customized productivity and performance improvement solutions for your business using our wide reach of proprietary methodologies, technologies and services.


A number of independent studies in 2003 have analyzed enterprise operational costs and have collected information within major industries worldwide.  These papers evaluated a number of different scenarios and arrived at a similar conclusion in that organizations which pay attention to their human capital enjoy a long-term financial edge over those that do not plan effective utilization of human resources.


Human capital is considered to be the most critical asset that differentiates winners from losers.

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